We started 10 years ago to manufacture our unique product.  Originally it was called Tripbuddy, and we were delighted to partner with UK businesses who in turn manufactured the product for us.  We won early accolades from the US to South Korea and our products sold both here in the UK and worldwide.

Our design and manufacturing ethos was always to use technologies that would serve the tests of time.  Tackling green issues head on by producing products that had longevity and reliability as standard.

We developed an  aerodynamically efficient and stable vehicle which would be a pleasure to tow.  When in use we used eco-friendly  materials in the thermal and sound insulation. Robust interior cabinets and unique glassing systems all to ensure efficiency.

Our goals still stand, we still sell products that last. Originally our products were seen as over engineered, but building a product to last has to be the ethical thing to do.  Today’s TV adverts focus on longevity of product, and we agree wholeheartedly.

But were we right? Have our products lasted.  As we enter our 10th anniversary year, we are pleased to be reunited with the original Tripbuddy 001. 

March 2022, we met Matt, he had bought a Tripbuddy and wanted some modifications to carry his 1000cc Yamaha track day motorbike whilst still allowing comfort whilst using it as his accommodation on track days.  We were amazed by what he brought to us.  The original Tripbuddy is unmarked inside and out, with a wash it showroom ready.

This unit hasn’t just been sat doing nothing, several owners the first and original using it every weekend with his family followed by a member of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, we lost sight of it for a while, but it then popped up parked on a seaside clifftop with weekly use.  Now it enters the world of racing, high-octane, and adrenaline.

With all that use we expected Matt to request a full retrim, but no the leather upholstery is perfect, all the electrics are in perfect order its dry, no damp.  Sure, owners have added certain bits here and there.  On the whole, it’s as new.

Follow us over the next couple of weeks as we convert this lovely original model and ready it for its next chapter….