Our tourers are all built to order, to suit your requirements. This list represents some of our popular options, if you would like a custom item, please ask us and we will be happy to advise.

Clampshell Rear Doors (including built-in awning)

Pup Tent (for awning and tent)
Universal Pup-tent to fit LH or RH as required, supplied with inner sleeping compartment, polls, pegs and bag.

Tent (fits 60/40 rear doors)

Gas BBQ Point
Truma Outside BBQ Point
* Suitable for an operating pressure of 30 or 50mbar
* Extremely simple one-handed operation
* Straight forward bayonet connection for external gas appliances

Solar Panels
ApolloFLEX Mono modules use monocrystalline back contact solar cells from SunPower® – solar cells with an efficiency of 22.3%. Extremely heat resistant: The energy produced remains high even in extreme heat. Back contact solar cells offer higher energy conversion efficiency and more flexibility.

Spare Wheel & Carrier
Spare Wheel situated at the front of Atlas Tourer in front of gas locker, lockable & pivots to allow access to the gas locker and adds extra security for the gas locker.

Tyre Safety  (tow vehicle and caravan)
We offer two types; tyre management system tested developed and branded Michelin, and run flat system tested and approved by government agencies.

4G Long Range Wi-Fi System
This system provides access to 3G networks or long range Wi-Fi access The 3G router works with all 3G networks and can provide data rates up to 7 mbps. (Over 5mbps download on 3’s network in the UK).

The Bulldog TR36 GPS tracker is an IP67 rated tracker which means it can be used in the most demanding environments.

Outside/Doggie Shower
Fitted on the outside of Atlas Tourer next to the water Intake. It provides cold water through its own shower head. It is great for instant cold shower to clean anything from a dog to a bike – using onboard water or water from a joined water-butt.

Chassis Upgrade

Anti Shaking Device

Lithium Battery

Motor Mover (available on Atlas Tourer twin axel only)
“Truemove – T” Mover from Truma. This mover is considered best in class and is an approved fit to Atlas Tourer. It will power a Atlas Tourer away from the tow vehicle to the chosen location effortlessly.

Air Conditioning (available on Atlas Tourer twin axel only)
The Truma HVAC unit is roof mounted allowing chilled air or heat (1.8Kw). This unit integrates with the Truma 4Kw hot water and hot air kombi unit allowing maximum control of temperature throughout the unit. The positioning of the HVAC unit allows chilled air to be vended forwards into the main body of Atlas Tourer and into the tent area as required.

Oven (available on Atlas Tourer twin axel only)
Fitted oven gas operation with grill.

Microwave (available on Atlas Tourer twin axel only)
A fitted Microwave oven 600W (to work on campsites).

Explore! You will love it.

Owning a Atlas Tourer will open up your world. Whether you explore new places or simply visit family favourites, Atlas Tourer’s will ensure you arrive in style.

Built in Britain